Minutes of October 13, 2015 Monthly Meeting

Sajo’s Restaurant

Prior to the meeting Carmella Sabaugh & Craig Jones gave reviewed how to use Superindex. Superindex is available to everyone for free however you must pay to actually print and view a document. The search engine goes back to 1818 and includes documents not normally indexed by the County. If anyone finds errors in a document, they can be reported electronically. The County will let the MAO know when the alerts feature is available. If you have any questions, Craig can be reached at 586-469-5163.

The meeting was called to order at 1:12 p.m. by President Jeanette Makowiec.

Officers present: Jeanette Makowiec, President, Jennifer Czeiszperger, Vice-president, Sandy Birkenshaw, Treasurer, Justin Sears, past president, Teri Socia, Secretary, Nancy Strehl, Trustee. Also present31 members and guests.

Minutes: A motion to approve the minutes of the September meeting was made by Dean Babb and supported by Jennifer Czeiszperger. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: General Fund: $3,063.31 Education Fund: $5391.21 Total: $8181.41

A motion to approve was made by Roxanne Reeder and supported by Nancy Strehl. Motion passed.


Beth Schwartz and Alicia Bernabei have both joined Clinton Twp.

Jailene Winters has worked in the Equalization Department but this is her 1st luncheon attendance. Robin Palazzolo & Shawn Biernat have joined the City of Sterling Heights.

Welcome aboard everyone.


Matt Schmidt attended the STC meeting on October 12th. He expressed to the committee the desire for the MAA to continue its current involvement with the education program. The STC has laid out a foundation for the new program but is looking for input. It is unclear how current students will be impacted by the transition. Discussions revolved around no longer having state approved instructors, revising certification levels and concern about maintaining the skill level and experience required to be a successful MMAO. Kristen Sieloff suggested a committee be formed to review the requirements and make suggestions. She also reminded everyone to forward any surveys to Jennifer Czeiszperger. This topic is expected to be on the STC’s December agenda for discussion.


Kristen Sieloff reported that commercial studies were emailed out last Friday. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call. She is open to discussion. She expects the residential studies to be sent out sometime next week. The MAA & MAED have adopted a standardized class code so she would like everyone in the County to do the same. It would also be helpful and save her department many hours if all communities could start using the CVT in their parcel numbers. Kristen would like all of the personal property numbers in the county to use the same numbering format. She has taken on the task of setting up all the numbers probably for use in 2017. Finally she is currently working with her IT department to come up with a webpage that assessors will be able to access and download reports from.

New Business:

Sandy Birkenshaw requested that the MAO authorize a $1,500 deposit be made to CJ Barrymore’s in order to secure December 4th for the annual Christmas party. Dean Babb made a motion to support seconded by Jennifer Czeiszperger. Motion passed.